Production and supply of colored and galvanized metal sheets

Pouyan Brothers Production and Trading Company started its activity in 1993 with the establishment of a galvanized sheet forming unit and is currently equipped with 11 shaped sheet production lines.

Sea Wave Design Sheets, Italian, Japanese, Sine, Connexion, Shadowline, Trapezoid, Trapezoidal and Fine Trapezoid, and finally 2 and 3 inch high steel deck

These sheets are used to fit the wall and ceiling according to the design.

Among these, sea, Italian and Japanese wave design sheets are welcomed for the beauty of the roof covering, and other designs are provided to meet the needs of customers and with the guidance of our engineers with the requested length.

At present, this factory, with a monthly production capacity of 6,000 tons of shaped metal sheets in various designs and colors, is proud to serve the dear people of our country.