Design and manufacture of cranes

Shokoofa Sanat Pouya Company offers expert advice for companies that are looking for a suitable crane system for their area and working conditions. The personal and unique wishes of the employer and the buyer are the policy for our experts and technicians to offer you an impartial proposal in order to design a solution that suits the employer and suits his specific needs.
Economic solutions are based on detailed plans. To ensure a reliable operation in terms of material handling system and cost estimation, a project must be carefully and thoughtfully advanced. In that case, the company encourages employers to join our experienced engineers and technicians from the beginning.

It is worth mentioning that this company uses the German STAHL and ABM hoisting motors to a great extent to differentiate the quality of this company's products from other companies. The company will be present in some projects with the benefit of the technical capabilities of the Turkish company Bulbul Oglu and the Iranian company Dej Sanat Persian.